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Portal for ArcGIS walarchive

Question asked by daniel.irwin on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by SARGU_dongenergy

Hi there,


So, asking for a friend, in the install directory for Portal there's a folder under <install dir>\backup\walarchive\ which seems to contain a backup file for every hour since it was installed.  They've run out of disk space (each file is 16Mb, there's thousands of them), and it's now breaking their portal.  So questions are (a) what is this backing up as there's a separate walarchive for the data store (i.e. it's not this one) and (b) how do you manage that backup?  I've seen some stuff on managing the backup of the data store, but that doesn't seem to affect this backup?


I'm guessing it's ok to delete the older ones, but they would prefer no to have to keep going back to them over and over again...


Many thanks in advance