Is NEARBY app the right tool for locating a nearby point if user inputs their address?

04-23-2023 08:03 PM
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I have 33 community centers that I had geocoded for my webapp.  So how do I set up my webapp so user can type in their own address and come up with the nearest community center.  1) Problem is ESRI World Geocoded doesn't have all 33 community center names in its geocoder, but my data has the names.  2) Would creating my own geocoder help?  (I am a student, so some of this may be elementary, but not to me).

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Hi Carolyn, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder's "Near Me" widget may give the functionality that you need. I think it requires you to set a radius, so see if you can specify it to one that can give you your desired result:


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Hi Carolyn, yes, It sounds like the Nearby Template for Instant Apps would work for your project.

You would need to add the community centers as a layer in your web map. Then create an app using the Nearby template.

In the app, users will have the option to either click on the map or enter an address in the search bar, then they'll see a list of the nearby features (community centers) within the (adjustable) radius listed in the side panel.

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