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Pop up Chart change the colour

04-25-2023 12:55 AM
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Working in AGOl using the "New" Map Viewer happily creating pop ups and adding charts to them - but we are stuck with the horrid orange colour - am I missing something is there no way to change the orange of the bar charts, to match them to the style being displayed in the layer?? I know if you select multiple fields and use the predominant colour style the pop up chart will match that. But what about when we are only mapping one field?? we get stuck with horrible orange that has nothing to do with the map we created??

Please tell me I am missing something

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[Not A Solution, but an addition reply built upon this request] .. @JessNewton1, I agree, and I 'think' I read somewhere that you may use Arcade to switch out color. Would anyone else be able to support this inquiry please?

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