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Formatting Options for Web Form

Question asked by shepardb on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by christac

I'm happy with how my survey appears in Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 mobile app.  However I have a few issues with my survey's published web form.  Some of these I just gave up on, but there are 3 remaining that I'd like to see if I can address.  They're numbered in the attached screenshot.


1) The label for this question is formatted as bold, but it doesn't show up as bold text on the web form.

2) In order to require a follow up question if Other is selected in Planting Organization, I have the following rows in the xls form:

select_multiple OrganizationPlantingOrganizationPlanting Organization(s)yesminimal${IsCwsPlants} = 'yes'
textPlantingOrganizationOtherSpecify Other Organizationyesselected(${PlantingOrganization},'Other')

For some reason, these questions display off to the side of the previous question and do not show the question label.

3) Once a group is expanded, the green lines surrounding the group make sense.  However, when collapsed, the small line to the left of the group label looks weird.  


Everything looks and work as I intend when using the native apps.  If there's anything that I can do to remedy these issues in the web form (particulaly the first two), I'd appreciate any suggestions.