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'File Upload' field type missing in Survey123 Connect

Question asked by data.officer on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Claire_Proctor-esristaff

I have built a survey to be used as a web form using Survey123 Connect. In addition to giving surveyors the option of uploading an image, I also want to them to be able to upload .gpx files (a file format that seems to be supported by the 'Image' field type). However, I don't want the 'Click here to upload image file' message to appear when requesting .gpx files so what I really need is a general 'upload file' field rather than using the 'Image' field for .gpx files.


When designing a survey using the Survey123 website, I can see a 'File Upload' option (located between 'Time' and 'GeoPoint') but I cannot see such an option on the XLSForm spreadsheet. 


How can I include a general file upload option in my survey using XLS? Thanks!