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Help with displaying results of query

Question asked by john_richardson_1969 on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by john_richardson_1969

The query runs successfully, but I need help showing it on my map ... I want the user to select a menu option which runs the query and then displays the results on the map .... ideally adding the results to a layer list to be turned on and off if the user desires. Help?


      "esri/widgets/BasemapGallery",          //loading the necessary libraries and classes and objects from the ESRI API

      ],function(Map, MapView, Home, Search, BasemapGallery, Expand, FeatureLayer, ImageryLayer, LayerList, QueryTask, Query, GraphicsLayer, Graphic, dom, on) {

      var map = new Map({     //creates new empy map, with streets as basemap
      basemap: "streets",
      layers: [burgResults]

      var view = new MapView({      //creates the map view and shows the map in the mapBox container
      container: "mapBox",
      map: map,
      zoom: 13,
      center: [-85.675, 40.09],      //centers map on Anderson, Indiana

      var homewidget = new Home({     //adds the home widget to the map view
      view: view
      view.ui.add(homewidget, "top-left");

      searchWidget = new Search({     //add the search widget to the map view
      showInfoWindowOnSelect: false,
      popupEnabled: false,
      popupOpenOnSelect: false
      view.ui.add(searchWidget, "bottom-right");

      var basemapGallery = new BasemapGallery({     //add the basemap gallery widget to map view
      view: view

      var bgExpand = new Expand({     //puts the basemap gallery widget into an expand widget
      view: view,
      content: basemapGallery,
      collapseTooltip: "Close Basemap Gallery",
      expandTooltip: "Open Basemap Gallery"
      view.ui.add(bgExpand, "bottom-left");

      var burgSym = {                                   //creates the symbol for burglaries
           type: "simple-marker",
           color: "blue",
           style: "diamond",
           size: 7

      var theftSym = {                                   //creates the symbol for thefts
           type: "simple-marker",
           color: "red",
           style: "square",
           size: 7

      var otherSym = {                                   //creates a default symbol
           type: "simple-marker",
           color: "black",
           size: 5,
           style: "circle"

      var crimeRenderer = {                              //creates the renderer for the crimes layer
           type: "unique-value",
           defaultSymbol : otherSym,
           field: "Offense",
           uniqueValueInfos: [{
                value: "Burglary",
                symbol: burgSym
           }, {
                value: "Theft",
                symbol: theftSym

      var featurelayer = new FeatureLayer({      //adds a feature layer of 2018 Crime
      url: "",
      title: "2018 Crime",
      renderer: crimeRenderer,
      visible: false
      map.add(featurelayer, 2);

      var orthLayer = new ImageryLayer({      //adds an image layer of Orthos SCE
      url: "",
      title: "Ortho - East",
      visible: false
      map.add(orthLayer, 0);

      var orthLayer2 = new ImageryLayer({      //adds an image layer of Orthos SCW
      url: "",
      title: "Ortho - West",
      visible: false
      map.add(orthLayer2, 1);

      var layerList = new LayerList({     // add a layer list to the map view
      view: view

      var llExpand = new Expand({     //puts the layer list widget into an expand widget
      view: view,
      content: layerList,
      collapseTooltip: "Close Layer List",
      expandTooltip: "Open Layer List"
      view.ui.add(llExpand, "top-right");

      var burgResults = new GraphicsLayer();
      var burgQuery = featurelayer.createQuery();                             //this section runs a query on the crimes layer, selecting burglaries
      burgQuery.where = "Offense = 'Burglary' OR Offense = 'Burg'";
      burgQuery.outFields = ["Offense" , "Location"];
      burgQuery.returnGeometry = true;
      .then(function(results) {
      function displayResults(results) {
            var burgFeatures = {
            graphic.symbol = {
                  type: "simple-marker",
                  style: "triangle",
                  size: 8,
                  color: "purple"
            return graphic;