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Linking ArcGIS API (RESTful API) with HOMER API (SaaS API)

Question asked by Alvin.Tan on Sep 25, 2018



I am trying to find a way to link ArcGIS Online API (RESTful API) with HOMER API (SaaS API). Both of them have a common coding language of JSon (Javascript). HOMER is a program that is used for microgrids for analysing renewable energy and distributed energy source.


Anyone knows how I can start?


My final output is supposed to look like this website: 


I aim to upload some data into ArcGIS cloud database, while linking the info with HOMER to do certain calculations for me. This way, when I click certain options on the website, it'll send an input from ArcGIS to HOMER, retrieve data and display it to the user back in ArcGIS.