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When Driving Navigation Arrow Going Beyond Map Actual Route

Question asked by mannai_ios_manasa on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by mannai_ios_manasa

Dear All,


I was trying to test the map-app-ios with few customization from my side using AGSGeometryEngine Class to speech the direction text, after my integration i was trying to text the app how it was behaving when i am driving. Here with i am attaching 2 screenshot which i found at the time of testing the app, necessary help would be appreciate for the way forward to achieve my goal.


Also here i am attaching few code snippet how i was trying to achieve the text to speech recogniser.

// Tracking the current/updated new location from locatidHandler

mapView.locationDisplay.locatidHandler = { [weak self] location in

            // Have a new function and passing the new location to it.

            self?.callFunctionAndPlayWith(newLocation: location)


// Function Implementation

func  callFunctionAndPlayWith(newLocation: AGSLocation){

        // check the Location Point is there or not

        guard newLocation.position != nil else {

            print("Unable to found the new location position")




        // get the geodeticBufferGeometry from newLocation.position

        let geodeticBufferGeometryOfCurrentLocation = self.geodeticBufferGeometry(maneuverGeometry: newLocation.position!)


        // Get the route result from Mode

        switch self.mode {

        case .routeResult(let route):


            // Enumerate the array to get the actual index data which intersect the geodeticGeometryValue

            route.directionManeuvers.enumerated().forEach { (index, value) in


                // Skipping the first Index as its my start location (for testing)

                if(index != 0){


                    // Intersected Index Found from directionManeuvers Array

                    let isUserIntersectsToPlannedRoute =                      AGSGeometryEngine.geometry(geodeticBufferGeometryOfCurrentLocation, intersects: value.geometry!)

                     // Check if if intersected then good to go

                    if(isUserIntersectsToPlannedRoute == true) {


                        // Check if we already speech then no need to speech again the same direction text

                        // Else speech as its a newly intersected point to speech


                        if(self.currentDirectionManeuver?.directionText != value.directionText){

                            let newInstance = DirectionsDisplayViewController()

                            newInstance.textToSpeech(directionText: value.directionText)

                            self.currentDirectionManeuver = value






            print("Mode is default")




func geodeticBufferGeometry(maneuverGeometry geometry:AGSGeometry) -> AGSPolygon {

        // Capturing 40 Meters Distance for the geodeticBufferGeometry to check the intersect to speech the new route.

        return AGSGeometryEngine.geodeticBufferGeometry(geometry, distance: 40, distanceUnit: AGSLinearUnit.meters(), maxDeviation: 1, curveType: AGSGeodeticCurveType.shapePreserving)!



The above changes i have done to test the app.

But When Driving Navigation Arrow Going Beyond Map Actual Route or Road. please have a look on the below attached screenshot.

Would be great and helpful if you can suggest some trick how to test the app with Real Time Driving and Navigation.