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WMS Custom Parameters with ArcServer Print Task

Question asked by Mapjection on Sep 21, 2018

JS.API 3.22
ArcGIS Server 10.4.1

Good day. Just want to confirm a suspicion. My map has a WMS layer that supports a time parameter. I'm using the `WMSLayer.customLayerParameters` property to control the desired time on the GetMap url. It renders on the map as desired.




However, when using the ArcGIS Server "Export Map Web Task", the Web_Map_as_JSON parameter ignores the custom parameters. I've tried manually inserting it, but the server's print task appears to ignore it as well. The default WMS map image is always generated in the printout


My guts say what I'm trying to do is simply too fancy for the Export Map Web Task, and I've found a discussion that indicates this is true for ArcGIS Portal ( ).


If anyone can confirm my suspicions that this also applies to regular ArcServer, or shine light on a trick that will make this work, will be much appreciated.