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Classbreaksrenderer with function and dynamicmaplayer

Question asked by ravitheja on Sep 20, 2018
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Hi, I currenlty have classbreaksrenderer that uses a function to symbolize a featurelayer. I am trying to do the same with a dynamicmapservicelayer instead of featurelayer. I am getting an error "Error: Invalid renderer specified for dynamic mapLayer with 'mapLayerId': 2.". I understand that it is applying symbology feature by feature for featurelayer and this is not working with dynamicmapservicelayer. Is there another equivalent renderer for dynamicmapservicelayer where a function can be applied?


Background: I currently have an application where I symbolize featurelayer using classbreaksrenderer applying a function. The number of line features increased to ~60k and the application has started to have performance issues. I am trying to change it to a dynamicmaplayer to see whether it solves the problem.


For some reason all esri jsapi versions greater than 3.14 are broken for this example.

Renderer using a function | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.25 


I modified this example to try dynamicmapservicelayer. Please see code attached.