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3D Not displaying correctly

Question asked by DaveJordan on Sep 18, 2018

I have created a 3D ArcGIS Pro project (2.2.2) to display Assessed Values/Acreage.  Everything works as expected, except that the extruded points do not depict the 3D shading correctly: there are no shadows to visual display the edges of the cylinders. I am using Graduated Colors symbology with the default  Natural Breaks with 5 Classes and "One Sided Lighting Using Data Normals."  I am not getting the graphics quality that I was expecting to produce.


I have opened a ticket with ESRI and the tech shared a project with me that she created and it displayed correctly on my computer.


I am running on a NVIDIA Quadro K1200 video card.


In the image below, note that the cylinders blend together without any separation (shadow) between points.

Here is the ESRI example using the same data:


I have create new project, from scratch three times.

What could be wrong with my settings?