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Automatically refresh layer data from Excel

Question asked by joeneed88 on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2020 by mansipatel42007

I have seen quite a few posts in the same realm of what I am looking for but nothing has solved my issue.


I have an excel document with data that is refreshing/changing every 15 minutes. I have successfully made a layer on my map with the latitude/longitude values in the spreadsheet. However, the data on the map is not refreshing itself even with the refresh interval set at 1 minute. It simply shows the data from the time I put it in. 


Basically what I am asking here is if there is a way to get that data to refresh automatically at the same rate as the Excel sheet. I should add that I am new to ArcGIS and using a free trial to test it out for another company. Not sure if that's relevant or not but any help would be appreciated.


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