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Summarizing repeats while connecting a two part question?

Question asked by trwebb@blm.gov_BLM_EGIS on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by trwebb@blm.gov_BLM_EGIS

I am building a very complex and lengthy field form for assessing preferred forbs in riparian areas. We are collecting data at 11 transect, and at each transect two plot locations exist.. Left Bank + Right Bank. 
At each plot you'll collect the family, which will then give a list of species within the family to select from, and then the count of each species observed will be collected. 

I am not totally sure if this is even possible, but I am interested in having some sort of summary of each species and their associated count for each Transect, so then they can be tallied at the end. 

Ie: Transect A 
Lomatium spp. 6
Erysimum spp. 4

Transect B 
Lomatium spp. 3

Erysimum spp. 6


Then at the end I can have a summary of all species collected in each plot to say: 

Lomatium spp. 9

Erysimum spp. 10

Summarizing these can give me the count of my answers, which is helpful but counts Lomatium spp. in one plot and Lomatium spp. in another plot as two instead of 1. 

I have tried using a note + sum calculation to list the species observed in one plot which is kind of helpful but I really need their associated counts as well. 

If anyone knows of a round about solution for this, or if it is far to complex for the capability of Survey123 please let me know! Even if there is a script I could run the form through on the back end before submitting??

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. 
I have attached a screenshot below.