How can you control the order of fields in data output / Excel export

09-13-2018 06:46 AM
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I have created a survey using Survey123 Connect. There are 59 rows in my survey design spreadsheet but the way they are ordered does not correspond to the way they are ordered in the data output. For instance, row 44 shows up as the very last column following 'CreationDate', 'Creator', 'EditDate' and 'Editor' (which are automatically generated fields not included in my survey design).

What could be causing this, and how can I change the order of these fields manually?

Many thanks. 

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The export order is based on the order of field creation- when publishing a Survey, the 4 fields you mention by name  are created first as part of initial feature layer creation.  The specific order of creation would depend on the specifics of the form (for example, if lines 1- 43 are in a repeat, they would appear in a different table altogether; if questions are added after initial publishing, they will appear below questions put in previously).  Currently the order of fields cannot be changed as part of the export process.

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Thanks, this would explain it - I inserted the field at line 44 at the very end. 

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