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Python script as sheduled task (ArcGIS Pro)

Question asked by CityOfGreenvilleSCGIS on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by louchios

Is anyone able to run a script through Windows Task scheduler using ArcGIS Pro?  As a test I have an extremely simple script (just copying a feature) that runs fine within ArcGIS Pro.  

import arcpy"C:\CityScripts\ScheduledTasks\SafewatchCameras\Data\General.gdb\SafewatchCameras", "C:\CityScripts\ScheduledTasks\SafewatchCameras\Data\General.gdb\SafewatchCamerastemp2", None, None, None, None)

I setup the Task Scheduler as recommended by the ArcGIS Pro help and while the Task completes successfully nothing happens with the script.


Put in a call to ESRI tech support but they said it was a Windows issue and therefore couldn't work on it.