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local app with secure webmap: how to skip credentials panel?

Question asked by mlemaireesrifrance-fr-esridist Employee on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by jsong-esristaff



I have registered a local app (generated with Web AppBuilder) containing a secure webmap (shared with a group).

When I access this app directly from a web browser, the app show me the credentials panel. It's normal because the application doesn't know me.


But, when I 'm already connected to my ArcGIS Online account, and that I try to launch this app just by clicking on the app item , I have to enter my credentials again!!! How can I skip this second credentials panel?


Actually, I just want to have the same behaviour for my local webapp as for an hosted webapp: Once, I'm connected, I don't need to give anymore my credentials.


I've tried the arcgis proxy solution but then, credentials are never asked, even if I'm an anonymous user!!! It's not what I want.


Does anybody know a solution?