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Getting X and Y from a single point object in arcpy

Question asked by Ben.Sperry_oxitec on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by xander_bakker

I am trying to get the X and Y values from the output of the positionAlongLine method.


As far as I can tell it should be a point object so how do I get the XY from that point?

I have found examples of how to do this in a search cursor but that only works with tables, I only have a single point.


new_point = line.positionAlongLine(cur_length, is_percentage)
point_x = new_point.X
point_y = new_point.Y

returns the error: AttributeError: 'PointGeometry' object has no attribute 'X'


Any help would be greatly appreciated.