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Why are surveys not loading in Survey123 and many other errors?

Question asked by sbassettTNC on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by nelsm

Survey123 is returning many errors when attempting to enter data in the web form, edit settings, change share settings, view the entered data, and even view the feature layer in AGO. My team needs to enter data this week, and I don't know how to even begin resolving these problems.

When entering data, the

You cannot submit records to the survey since you are not field worker or the survey owner.

message is displayed at the top of the page. This has been recreated in multiple browsers on multiple computers (including several that have previously been used with this survey, and several that haven't). The discussion here seems relevant, but due to additional errors received when trying to implement this work-around that this isn't the root of the problem.

I'm also unable to access any of the survey settings, or view the collected data (I'm receiving endless loading bars for both pages). This has been confirmed in both Safari and Firefox.

Loading the feature layer created by the survey in AGO is also throwing errors.

Unable to load status: 0

I'm also unable to create a new survey. I receive this error when creating a new survey:

Unable to create a new survey.


These errors are new in the last week, and no changes have been made to the survey since it was last working.