From where i get wmsURL ? and How I use QueryTask Method ?

Discussion created by mustafa646 on Feb 12, 2011
I have couple of questions.

1.var wmsLayer = new esri.layers.WMSLayer(wmsURL); with this line of code i can display wms layer over any base Layer. Now From where I get wmsURL ? I have published my shapefile on GeoServer, but i dont know how i get the URL (wmsURL) to use as parameter in above line of code ?

2.Now, Let's suppose I am successful to display wmsLayer. Now i want to query data against this wmsLayer. Like code below:

queryTask = new esri.tasks.QueryTask("wmsURL"); Can I use wmsURL as a parameter in QueryTask method ? From ArcGIS API reference, I come to know that the URL parameter of QueryTask method is the URL to the ArcGIS Server REST resource. But as u know i am using GeoServer, so how it could be fixed. Need some explanation ?