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Problem Adding a CSV Document as a Hosted Feature Layer in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by gkroes1_ksugis on Aug 31, 2018
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I am attempting to batch geocode several cities to ArcGIS  that are in a CSV document. This activity is part of an exercise in the Getting to Know Web GIS, 3rd Edition Book ArcGIS . For those who are aware of the book, the exercise I am working in is in chapter two. This exercise essentially involves batch geocoding the Top 50 Cities and uploading these geocoded cities as a hosted feature layer. When I attempt to geocode these cities, I receive the Error below (See First Image). As part of geocoding a CSV Document, The Location Fields need to be mapped out. Below are the fields that I have mapped out (See Second Image). Would any of you know why I am receiving the error below if I have the cities location field specified? Is there a minimum amount of location fields that need to be mapped out for an address in a CSV document to be successfully geocoded? I have attached the CSV file for reference. Thank you in advance and please do not hesitate to let me know if I can provide any additional information that might help.