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Feature service layers hosted on ArcGIS Online not loading in ArcGIS Pro project

Question asked by on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by EAnderson-esristaff

Last Friday, I was updating features in a feature service hosted on ArcGIS  which I had pulled into my Pro project.  New features added to the service in Pro were present in the map application.  All seemed well.  Today, the layers in the FS will not load in Pro, I have broken source symbols  in the Table of Contents.  I have tried to repair the layer's data source with no luck.  When I try to open FS's Item page in ArcGIS , I receive a 'timed out' error, with the Item tabs grayed out. I receive the same error when I try to access the REST endpoint via the URL.  Has the service become corrupted and I need to start over?