Display of geographical data in SAP Hana database on the map in ArcGIS Pro environment

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We have a problem with the display of line and polygon data on the SAP Hana database. It was observed that line and polygon objects created with large angle difference can not be displayed in the drawing.


We have exported the data stored in the Oracle database to the SAP Hana database environment. I did this using Append tool. However, after the data is sent, it cannot displayed on the map.  The objects have to be created many drawings at different angles like province, district, neighborhood are kept in the database.

However, after I use full extent operation on map, I found out that the drawings on the map can be displayed on a small scale like 1/20 million. But, making zoom in process on map,  the recorded data is not displayed on the map again if zoomed in to map.


I thought that it could be because of extent or spatial index in sde database. So that's why I did many things.

The spatial indexes of the layers have been recalculated  on Oracle  geodatabase. I exported data to gdb environment, then again I did  delete spatial index, create spatial index, recalculate spatial index operations again. I performed recalculate feature class extent tool in gdb and sde geodatabase. And I tried to change the extent of feature clas manually to get the desired result from this operation. And still dead end . These procedures can't be performed in Sap Hana database. That's why there procedures performed outside of sap hana database.


After  I create a new feature class in SAP Hana database, I performed drawings on feature class. It was still the same. I couldn't see objects on map in Arcgis Pro.


When a complicated drawing operation is performed on the new layer in the SAP Hana database, we have noticed that the new drawn object can not display the map either. The display in the shape-preserved WKT format has been examined. However, there was no error in the alignment of the coordinates.


I  recorded a video of the errors. You can find the video link related to the subject from below:



You can find the screenshots below...


These editings are created on SAP Hana database by using Arcgis Pro:




When zoom into line object, it cannot be displayed on map. But there is a record on database.



While editing polygon object:

After editin polygon object, it can be only displayed on database.