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GDB Export Error in CityEngine

Question asked by miamidd on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by raze

Hello GeoNet,


I'm trying to export a batch of 3D models from CityEngine into a GDB to retain the data embedded in the models. The original models were multipatches delivered to me in GDB format by a consultant. I needed to create non-yet-existing buildings to include in the model. I began by making these in SketchUp and exporting as a KMZ. I imported them into CE and converted from models to shapes, cleaned up the shapes, added the attributes needed, merged them into the multipatch layer and tried to export the combination of models as a GDB and received the error attached. Any ideas on what's going wrong? Really need to be able to add data to models not made in CE. Have attached a screenshot of the message for reference.