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CSVLayer doesn't show HeatMap in Angular 6

Question asked by siddharth.mishra on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by odoe

I am using ArcGIS JavaScript 4.8 API and I have integrated the CSVLayer to an Angular 6 application but it is not showing up any heat map.

The legend shows that it is getting renderer data and heatmap is added as renderer. But no heatmap is getting shown. 


But when I click on the map where I am expecting the heatmap, I can see the PopupTemplate showing my data. An image is given below:


Clicking on map shows popuptemplate with data.



When I zoom into my CSV layer, I can see the points on the map which I have created by replacing heatmaprenderer with simplerenderer on scale event. Screenshots are given below:


No Heatmap:

No heatmap on launching the website. Data base been provided using http://localhost:3000/api/arcgis/v1/incidents.csv


After Zooming in on CSV Layer (Top one):

Zooming in shows all incidents as point using simplerenderer


Also, I converted an example from the ArcGIS Website to an Angular component and tried to show it on the website. But it is also not showing up any data.

I used 'Create a scale-dependent visualization text' example from here.

My code is on GitHub. (

In the above images, you can see that the second map is not showing any heat map.