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Creating Multi-modal Network Dataset

Question asked by PradyutSamanta on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by PradyutSamanta

1) If a node is shared among different connectivity groups, it will only act as a transfer point among the groups. How to create a node which is shared among different connectivity groups, but the node does not act as a transfer point (e.g. the node just representing a junction which is used by different type of modes; the nodes along a similar path which is used by mixed traffic but each node does not act as a transfer point)?

2) Can we put different flow value and their characteristics separately for both directions in a single link?

3) Suppose there are several activity areas along a local road. At which point of the local road, we will load traffic in the network as the activity areas are distributed along the road.


Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you.