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Batch processing of drive times

Question asked by nlee23 on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by nlee23

I have several csv files that contain as many as 1,000 GPS coordinates. Each file is associated with a center point - ex. file 1 = Location_1, Location_1 coords = [40.123, -121.123]  - and all the entries within the file, represent people living around the center point. I want to determine the drivetime from each person to the center point, but am currently calculating them one by one using the ArcGIS API helperServices.route.url . As one would expect, this is a very time consuming process. However, if there is an option to batch process/calculate these drive times and return a new csv or even a ordered list of drive time values, that would be great and hopefully save me a lot of time. Does the ArcGIS API for Python have this capability or do I need to continue processing these one by one?