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'Create Orthomosaic' is checked in Processing Options, but none is actually created

Question asked by MarkTryon on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by CBenkelman-esristaff

Hey everyone,


I'm using a d2m trial, and am having trouble getting it to create my orthomosaic. 'Create Orthomosaic' and 'Merge Tiles' are checked in processing options, I can watch it being processed in the Processing Log without any errors, but no ortho is actually added to the project, nor is it anywhere to be found in my project folder.


The processing report shows a preview of everything as it should look, including the ortho, but only the DSM and DTM are actually created and added to the project.


In case any of this helps:

   - I'm running on Drone2Map

   - The project is 133 images (1.11gb)

   - Images were taken by a Mavic Air, and the flight plan was drawn up using Pix4D Capture

   - Average GSD is 2.04 cm


Has anyone else run into this issue / know how to fix it?