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Using GraduatedSymbolsRenderer with SpatialDataFrame in Jupyter

Question asked by friendde on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by AMani-esristaff

I was inspired by Rohit Singh and his team's presentations at Esri UC 2018. So I started learning Jupyter. I am using electric consumption data to explore correlations with consumption and maintenance of electric facilities. I tried to use a graduated renderer with a field called MaxConsumption to class the size of the points. But the results just show simple points. My full code is hosted on GitHub in a Jupyter Notebook. I'm still working on that so it will likely change as this post ages. Currently this line below is not producing the results am looking for.


If anyone can provide an example or point to a sample using  GraduatedSymbolsRenderer with ArcGIS Python API I would appreciate it.

consumptionLyr = gis.content.import_data(sdf)