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The ability to delete features in web map mysteriously goes away although I can add features and possibly edit field values

Question asked by simpewss on Aug 3, 2018

Here's a typical situation. I have a hosted feature layer set to allow editing (add, update and delete). I add it to a web map with full editing control and save the web map, going to the trouble of naming the map, adding tags, adjusting sharing, setting up cartography, table of contents, labelling. The web map is intended for use by end users to edit their own data, including deleting records.


I try it out myself and it works.  I add some records, typically through Survey123, to make some final adjustments to a form in development. These adjustments within Survey123 don't involve any schema changes or deletion/recreation of the original HFL, merely form-internal 'cosmetic' or form-logic changes. By the time I'm done, I want to delete the test records and now when I click on the records, the option to 'edit' is no longer part of the pop-up. Typically this is in a map/browser window that's been open the entire time I've been testing my form, i.e. 30 mins to couple of hours. Reloading the page, re-opening from Contents, logging out and back in, and restarting in a new browser window don't fix the problem. 


Why does this ability 'go away'? As I mentioned, the layer is configured to allow editing by the users, and in addition I'm the owner of the all of the components of the web map, having assembled the entire set-up. Editing seems to still function-- I can toggle the Edit tab/button and thereby add points and it looks like I can still edit field values as well. But I and my users need the ability to delete individual records. As far as I'm aware, this is only possible via clicking on the feature in a web map, not in the attribute table or in the Data tab of the HFL. I know that it's possible to do this by going the the HFL item description page and opening it into another web map with full editing control. However, I need to be able to set up reliable QA/QC maps for our end users and not have them constantly creating temporary utility maps (which is well beyond the level of experience a typical end user has or should be expected to have).


I've encountered this problem sporadically and tended to attribute it to some configuration mistake I've made, but today it's happened several times in a row over the course of a day, and I'm confident I'm not doing anything 'wrong' (that I'm aware of) and I use AGOL on a daily basis, so I'm not a novice user. It's an incredible waste of time to have to start from scratch to set up a map, not to mention the massive confusion for the end users. Can someone shed some light on this?


On a related note, what exactly is 'full editing control' and why isn't this the default condition for any HFL that has been configured to allow editing? If it confers important additional capabilities, how can this be specified when adding a layer from the web to an existing web map-- as far as I know it's only possible to enable this for a single layer when adding to a brand new web map from the HFL's item description page.


And finally, am I missing something or is there a better way to delete features than highlighting them in a web map and using the delete button in a pop-up? Even when this is working it's EXTREMELY convoluted, as you have to find the record in the attribute table, then zoom your map to it, click on the feature, toggle through any coincident features (very confusing to end users and arises fairly often), then when you've found it, click on 'edit this feature' (IF this is working properly), then you may have to select the feature again, then you can click the button to delete. Ideally, a user should be able to delete a selected record in the attribute table (just like they can in ArcMap) AND at in the data view for that HFL (although that really requires more experience than our end users are ever likely to have).


Thanks in advance for any help on this topic!