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Audio not playing in Story Map Series

Question asked by eddersko on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by eddersko

This question is similar to Audio not playing in Story Map Tour , but I'm trying to add audio through the Tabbed Story Map Series builder. However, when I type in the following HTML code:


<audio controls>
type="audio/mpeg"> <embed height="50" width="100"


into the source code, I get the audio player without any content. When I check the HTML code again, the code has been converted into the following:


<audio controls=""> </audio>


Is there any chance this issue might also be addressed in the mid-September update? In the meantime, I'm using the Story Map Journal, but I would ideally like to use either Story Map Series or Story Map Tour for my project that relies on audio files.


Any information about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!