IWA Login for Portal Prompting for Credentials

Discussion created by abowne on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by nickharvey

Hi All!

I have IWA configured for our on-premise portal and we are having a problem where users are being prompted to enter their Windows credentials before accessing portal.  From the documentation that I have read, users should pass right through and not have to log in at all as long as they have a user account (which they do).  From the Documentation:


When you use IWA, logins are managed through Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Users do not sign in and out of the portal website; instead, when they open the website, they are signed in using the same accounts they used to log in to Windows.

Does anyone else experience this?  Is there a workaround or an IIS setting that I'm missing?

I can add the URL as a Trusted Site but I don't see this as a viable solution.