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.slpk file - Good in Arc Pro, but acting strange in ArcGis Online

Question asked by ckrugger on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2019 by Vinicio_Pena

Hello GeoNet Friends!


I am working with some a tiled 3D model that I built with Agisofts Photoscan and exported as Scene Layer Package.


I have an interesting situation going on when I try and add the .slpk file to "My Scene" in ArcGis Online (AGO).  

I opened the same file in ArcGis Pro, and was able to view it and it displayed nicely as a 3D map, however when I load it into AGO the resulting model is very strange looking, built with irregular shaped polygons, and the surface (texture) is a repeating image collage from a section of the model.  The location is correct, the measure tool is giving accurate measurements and the shape of features in the model are accurate ( for example the shape of the farm is clearly identifiable: See attachment) so it appears there is no problem with the geographic elements of the file.  To me it seems like possibly the surface/texture file is not being loaded properly? I am not sure, and I have looked around online but have not seen anyone with any similar issues. I am wondering how to fix this issue.


It is worth mentioning that in AGO, when I am zoomed out a bit I can see the model is loaded and displayed properly but as soon as I zoom in on it, it starts populating the model with the strange surfaces that I mentioned earlier in the post. (See attached Document with screenshots)


Also, I tried viewing it in different browsers (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) and was still getting the same erroneous results.


Any thoughts?