I have up to six Expressions added to an AGOL map, is there a quick way to copy/insert all six expressions into a new map with different layers?

09-17-2019 04:28 AM
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I'm mapping Company Strengths in individual Army Brigades, there are up to 65 different Brigades, requiring 65 individual Maps. I have six Expressions set up to support the Pop-ups in one Brigade map. Right now I'm opening each Expression and copy/pasting the Expression text, one by one, into each new Map. Is there a faster way to do this? Thanks...

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Hi Charles Roche‌,

There is not a faster way to do this in ArcGIS Online. I looked through the ArcGIS API for Python and the REST API and didn't see any functions there that would do the trick either in terms of automation. 



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