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Better way to edit annotation feature classes in Pro?

Question asked by Tim.Ultee_ParsonsCorp on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Tim.Ultee_ParsonsCorp

My team often has to create data "post-it note" maps for sample results at remediation sites. We create labels using cursor-based python expressions that pull results for each sample location from a separate geodatabase table. We then convert these labels to annotation feature classes and position them around the map:

We're trying to switch to Pro but are having trouble accomplishing this critical task in Pro (using Pro 2.0.0). The only tool I've found to move annotation without also moving the leader line is the Annotation Modify Feature tool. This works but it can be tedious to move the annotation instead of resizing or text editing by accident since a single click activates all 3 capabilities. Editing also seems even slower than in ArcMap, which I was surprised by given how much faster Pro is supposed to be (we also edit with an activated map in a layout since otherwise we can't see the layout map extent). Finally, Pro consistently freezes while trying to move annotations on the map, forcing me to restart Pro and lose any unsaved edits (the processing wheel spins just spins forever).

*Edit* I should also note that when Pro crashes or freezes I've twice had it corrupt the annotation feature class I was working with when it crashed. Given that we often store numerous subclasses of post-its within a single feature class, this issue could result in the loss of a lot of work.


Does anyone have suggestions for editing annotations in Pro that might help? I'd really like to switch to Pro but don't think we'll be able to unless we fix the issue of Pro freezing. I'd really appreciate any advice for working with annotations in Pro.