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Basemap transparency in webapp

Question asked by mark.cooper_SDC on Jul 20, 2018
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I there a way to add transparency to a basemap in a web app? Our users need the basemap to be faded out slightly to enable them to to see features, but sometimes, especially when printing just the basemap, they need it to be more bold.


In the web map there is the option to change the transparency of the basemap though the layer list, but the basemap does not appear on the layerlist for an app. Can it be added to the layerlist? 


The only work arounds I could think of are:


1. I could create different versions of each basemap, each with a different transparency setting

2. I could use the e basemap gallery widget and add a 'blank' basemap and allow the user to select two maps  - an actual basemap and the blank one and fade it out that way.Think this would confuse the users a bit and couldnt be used as a default for the map.