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Batch geocoding using CSV file in ArcGIS Online produced incorrect results

Question asked by georgiana.bostean on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by georgiana.bostean
I geocoded a .csv file of 22,000+ addresses in ArcGIS Online by publishing the file as a hosted feature service (and accurately specifying the fields to be used for geocoding). After doing a spatial join of the points to a polygon in Desktop and zooming to an arbitrary location, by chance I realized that within one city (City of Vernon) the 9 locations were geocoded to 2 points. I am concerned that this may have happened with other points.

Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong and suggestions on how to verify that the geocoding process is happening without errors, other than to manually check individual points?

I called ESRI support and they were not able to figure out why this occurred, except to suggest that I take out the spaces in the column headers (there was one space in the header for the address field). I don't believe this is the problem because when I uploaded the file with just those 9 rows, but without editing the column headers to eliminate spaces, the points geocoded correctly.

I'd like to figure out why this occurred-- I have large files with 100,000 rows to geocode and need to make sure (and find a valid way to verify) that they are geocoding correctly.

The screenshot of the table with the 9 rows selected (the space in the column header visible for the address field) and the map zoomed to the two points: