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Passing values via submission URL from Collector vs. Webmap

Question asked by c_jamfrank on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by deleted-user-6vXX_OrqJjm0

Hello all,


The background for this post is that I have a webmap containing a polygon layer whose pop-up has a submission URL hyperlinked to Survey123.  It appears that the issue is that any value from a domain which contains a space in the domain Description does not pass/match-up with a select multiple box label value in Survey123, when sent from Collector.  If I click the pop-up submission URL from within a web map in an AGOL map viewer, it launches Survey123 with the values populated. 

I've tested the Collector to Survey123 workflow on an iPad mini 4 and on an Android Galaxy S7 where the values were not passed.  

I've tested the AGOL map viewer to Survey123 on Windows 10 Chrome, iPad mini 4 Safari, and the Galaxy S7 Chrome.  


Has anyone seen this?  I've searched submission urls and not found any related issues.  I'm thinking that replacing the spaces with underscores in the Domain Code Description would be a workaround and will test that after the users do some UAT.  


Thanks in advance for any help!