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Calculating  Inbox Record

Question asked by wysorj on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by wysorj

I am having trouble getting calculations to work in my form.  The calculation occurs in a related record that is opened via the inbox.  The source for my form is a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online.  The fields in question are all part of the same record.  The Contract field (part of the related record) in my survey has a value when it is opened in Survey123.  The values come from a choice list:  1: Asphalt Base road, 2:  Concrete Base Road, 3:  Sidewalk, 4:  Grass.  There are four select_one fields that I want to be populated with an answer based on the this contract type.  These fields can have an answer of -1:  Not Applicable, 0:  No, 1:  Yes.  The contract type will determine how each of these will have their answer calculated.  Eventually, I am going to hide the fields that don't fit with a certain contract type. For example, a grass cut does not have vehicle detectors and so would have an answer of -1 (Not Applicable) and be hidden for this contract type.  When a field needs an answer, I want each select_one question to not have an automatically calculated answer because I need the user to make a choice.  If they don't choose one, it will be caught when then try to submit the form because these fields are required.  As I understand it, the calculation should occur every time an answer is changed on my form.  That doesn't seem to be happening.  When the survey is opened and a field changed, the calculations don't appear to run.  If I click the refresh arrows next to the select_one fields nothing appears to happen.  I attached my form.  Can anyone find anything wrong with my formulas?  Am I misusing the calculation column? What am I missing?  Thanks.