Error in generating report template - HTTP 403: FORBIDDEN

01-30-2023 04:36 PM
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Hi, we were encountering an error when generating report template using ArcGIS Survey123. We were prompted by this error, "An error occurred when querying data from the feature layer. HTTP 403: Forbidden." We are deploying the Survey123 using the following ArcGIS software:

  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 
    • ArcGIS Enterprise can be accessed publicly or via internet.
    • It is setup using a reverse proxy in the DMZ.
  • ArcGIS Survey123 3.16 Connect

Attached is the screenshot of the error for reference. 

Hoping someone can share ideas on how to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance🙂.



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Hello, just an update after our discussions with the customer's IT, we found out that they are blocking the Survey123 report API. It was tagged as critical security risk because apparently the values being sent to the report API is in text format and not encrypted. Hence, it violates the policy in data privacy.

Is there any workaround to this where we can encrypt the values? 

Thank you.



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Hello, all.

Another update regarding the above issue encountered. One of our configured applications for a client has a report generation functionality using Survey123. However, reports throw an HTTP 403: Forbidden error as mentioned above and upon consulting to the IT clients, they found out that the blocking in the Linux Web Application Firewall (WAF) is caused by throwing information generated in the report to GitHub local account with a certain owner "Michal-Miky-Jankovsky docs: readme - non ESM example (#1707)" (Please see attachment). When accessing DevTools, the said owner is not displayed.

I hope for your immediate response for these critical matters.




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I have seen this issue brought up a number time over the last 3 years for Portal users.  Many of the posts have a link to the solution but they are no solutions. Our configurate is the same as the OP in this post other than my version of Connect is 3.17.54



I am able to save the survey to AGO and get it to work.  I tried creating a template using the AGO templates as a template and that did not work either. 

I have also seen things about API and metadata

Any help would be huge.  Or is there any way to generate reports with images not using the browser interface