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URL scheme for esri apps (Android)

Question asked by khalil_ramadeen on Jul 16, 2018
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I'm working on custom URL scheme for esri apps, while the capability of iOS system to run all custom URL which received by email, copying it into browser to launch the app, I faced an issue with android mobiles, I tried the same URL to launch it in different ways (hyperlink, copying it to browser, and click on it directly), unfortunately I can't summon any application.


I'm wondering if there is any way to launch my links directly in my android phone.


The following links I tried to use:


  • arcgis-collector://
  • arcgis-collector://?itemID=4f1a06d7801e47dab848499570f1c0cb
  • arcgis-explorer://?itemID=a58e98207b1a472b941a45002457c6f7
  •  arcgis-navigator:///?stop=31.970997,35.878918



I tested the URL scheme on android 5.1 & android 8.0 with same result


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