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Calculate field not working properly after saving a draft

Question asked by raschaffner72 on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by ftuang

This may be a new issue in the latest version of Survey123 (3.0.132) because I didn't notice it prior to the week of July 1. I have 4 groups of select_one questions that culminate in a calculated field (sum of the integers from the select_one answers) that is also set to read only. If the survey is started and completed in one attempt, everything works fine. However, it's a long survey, so inspectors often need to save drafts and return later. After reopening the survey, they find one of two things: 1) The select_one answers in each section no longer appear filled in, although the summed field still displays the correct number. 2) Upon starting a new section of select_one questions, the calculate field for that section does not update properly. 


I can remove the read-only option from the calculated fields, but the user is then required to press the refresh icon next to the calculated fields to make them update, and I worry that they will forget to do this, resulting in numerous errors in the data. 


Is there a setting I can adjust to make these fields autocalculate in all situations? I am attaching a truncated version of the survey .xls. The calculated fields are highlighted in yellow.