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Arithmetic Overflow send error and Converting XLSForm error

Question asked by dailya on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by moisy

I published a survey that seemed to be working fine. Field crew were submitting completed surveys and using it. Then on several surveys, the app stopped working and they started getting the below error.


When I went back into Survey Connect to try and figure out the error, I started getting a new and different error in Connect:


I cant find much on either error, and now field crew cant submit surveys, and I cant publish a new one. Any help anyone can offer as to what these errors are referencing would be much appreciated.


I have checked the .csv file referenced in the error, the field types compared to my hosted feature service, my pulldata functions in the survey, my choices list, submission URL, and the instance_name in settings (although I don't know why that even matters plus I have inbox disabled). Don't know what else to even look at.