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Global IDs: Feature Class to Table

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Jul 2, 2018
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This appears to be a red herring, but as a last ditch effort, I'm posting it up here.  I've checked a number of sources:


FAQ: Which data loading scenarios will preserve Global ID values? 

Preserving a GlobalID while moving data between Feature Classes 

arcgis 10.0 - How to maintain GlobalIDs while copying shapefile data into ESRI FGDB feature class? - Geographic Informat…   just to name a few....


I have data that came to me via Survey 123: point features and related attachments tables.  Survey 123 used GlobalID in the point features as the key and the attachments tables store that value in a field called REL_GlobalID.  The issue is we would like to migrate historical point data from Survey 123 into a table in an enterprise Geodatabase.  As indicated in the first link copy and paste preserves the GlobalID, but since I going from a feature class to a table, copy and paste won't do the trick.


The other links above provide a nifty work around to populate a GUID type field with the incoming GlobalIDs.  However, since the survey uses GlobalID to Rel_GlobalID as the relationship key/foreign key that does not seem like a valid approach for our application.


Bottom line: is there any way to maintain GlobalIDs in a feature class when moving data from a feature class to a table?