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Global IDs: Feature Class to Table

07-02-2018 01:04 PM
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This appears to be a red herring, but as a last ditch effort, I'm posting it up here.  I've checked a number of sources:

FAQ: Which data loading scenarios will preserve Global ID values? 

Preserving a GlobalID while moving data between Feature Classes 

arcgis 10.0 - How to maintain GlobalIDs while copying shapefile data into ESRI FGDB feature class? -...   just to name a few....

I have data that came to me via Survey 123: point features and related attachments tables.  Survey 123 used GlobalID in the point features as the key and the attachments tables store that value in a field called REL_GlobalID.  The issue is we would like to migrate historical point data from Survey 123 into a table in an enterprise Geodatabase.  As indicated in the first link copy and paste preserves the GlobalID, but since I going from a feature class to a table, copy and paste won't do the trick.

The other links above provide a nifty work around to populate a GUID type field with the incoming GlobalIDs.  However, since the survey uses GlobalID to Rel_GlobalID as the relationship key/foreign key that does not seem like a valid approach for our application.

Bottom line: is there any way to maintain GlobalIDs in a feature class when moving data from a feature class to a table?

That should just about do it....
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It looks like the second link you have provides a viable workaround; the other method is to

1) copy the existing globalids to a new GUID field so they are retained after appending

2) After appending, join the new table to the related table by the old globalid

3) update the related table's parentglobalid field with the new globalid

4) copy over the related table

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I added a GUID field to my existing feature classes and calculated them = GlobablID and then exported them to stand-alone tables.  In my enterprise gdb I added a GUID field as well: when I go to append the stand alone tables to the enterprise gdb table, I Get an error saying it can't copy the stand alone table guid value to the egdb guid value.


I may just try it with a text field instead....

edited moments later:  yeah.  Making it a text field allows me to append.....

That should just about do it....
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