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I am getting a 400 bad request from getting the item from the portal on Xamarin Forms UWP

Question asked by paul.farrow_Epoch on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by JNery-esristaff

I already have code for Xamarin Forms iOS and Xamarin Forms Android that gets a config file from the ESRI portal and that works for both platforms.  I added the UWP component as we are now going to support UWP and I get a 400 bad request from the item.GetDataAsync() method.  I have already logged in and got a list of portal groups, I can select that group and the portal.createasync method appears to work but when I try to get the item with an id from the getdataasync() method that is when I get the 400 error.


When I put fiddler on the call I see the following error.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Error><Code>InvalidArgument</Code><Message>Only one auth mechanism allowed; only the X-Amz-Algorithm query parameter, Signature query string parameter or the Authorization header should be specified</Message><ArgumentName>Authorization</ArgumentName><ArgumentValue>Bearer XkcPcpODgq7bMLP3nLURAPrsXtM9gRbRcUaZf_igsXn5xn_5k0JC0TKuJBYkf2gUmvzeU9j7FE1PXYHR--Cr5hyKhf-cRkptCZp6VsTpXxPx6N3ZCXPKVRGoYVnPpPKVpZn71vMOCeuy_6Cn6J_Pxx2UQrwh5w31I0EGopXSPC5bKdLqvSKAEEs_69eDckTQ8Fl4CLGA2YaxfmmPxS5ZD4tKeLc6qUSvakHEEpv_awI1cA7N2FX1-sdpSPIa5BMG</ArgumentValue><RequestId>01BA2DD12883F913</RequestId><HostId>dvHaOQtMJgZzEOytj3oem4DkSFBLWN1mVgaZd39Fh4KTzVMOELkKGKtvG3ccb3g+dC5PnXekL98=</HostId></Error>


Ideas please?  Has any got this going on Xamarin Forms UWP.  I am using the 100.2.1 runtime.


Thanks in advance.