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Which is better sql server 2012 or data store?

Question asked by NEOMAPPER on Jun 27, 2018
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Our company recently purchased a new server to replace our older one that had all the GIS and sql server 2012 software loaded on. After talking with a esri rep it's to my understanding that data store can essentially replace sql server. So since we've been given the opportunity should we migrate our data from sql server 2012 to data store? How will the performance using the esri products increase?



We've always had performance issues since we started using ArcMap with sql server 2012 and we decided to buy a new server and split the resource hog sql server 2012 and the GIS software to there own separate servers. 


This post is in relation to an earlier post I made a few months back. We're still settings up the new server so I won't be able to see if our issues improve.

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