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Javascript API 4.7 Graphic Position Update Problems on the Map

Question asked by webdevguy on Jun 28, 2018



I  encountered problems with updating graphic position or any other graphic attributes. MapView didn’t update the map according to the updates done at it’s graphic list. We’re trying to resolve this issue by deleting the point(graphic) from view and adding a new point to the MapView. Otherwise user couldn’t see the update.


I see in the web that, there are a lot of people got the same problem while doing development with the Esri’s Javascript api 4.x.


I added an example app for you in order to easily understand the issue. Please check out attached html document. There are two buttons “update position” button updates the graphics position which is not working, “add new graphic” button  clones the current graphic and adds the new graphic with updated position. 


This led us a lot of performance problems and the most important part is we couldn’t show user a smooth animation for the updated position for moving points or updating angle of the graphics.


Any suggestions for notifying the map for the updated data?