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Issue deploying WAB app to AWS

Question asked by RidgelineLLC2 on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by RidgelineLLC2

Hi all,

I’m attempting to deploy a Web AppBuilder app to an AWS instance running Windows Server 2012R and ISS 8.  I’ve uploaded the WAB package to the server, registered an “app” link to the AWS URL in the AGOL account associated with my Esri developer account, copied the appID into the config.json file, and added the application to the default web page in ISS.


However, when I try to access http://<my server>/<app name>/ from either the AWS server or remotely I initially get the expected WAB loading page (blue screen with five undulating progress bars), but then get a browser message saying “This page can’t be displayed”.  There are no errors in the browser console window.


To keep things simple at this point I’m not using a proxy or SSL.


Any ideas on why the WAB app won’t load?


Thanks in advance.