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How to get to this blog page on python toolboxes?

Question asked by Hornbydd on Jun 21, 2018
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Anyone from ESRI please can you tell me how to get to this blog page?


There is an idea calling for a better way to run a python toolbox in debug mode. Curtis Price makes mention (as do others if one searches the internet) of this blog page. I am unable to follow the link as it simply dumps you at the blog front page, then I try a host of search terms and fail to return anything relevant.


Why am I desperate to read this page? There is no advice in the official ESRI desktop help manual under Python Toolboxes on how to run through a python toolbox in debug mode in an IDE. Yes you can debug a Script Tool but I need to know how to debug a python Toolbox in an IDE. This blog appears to suggest a solution but I am unable to view it!