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Xamarin.Forms Callout button not visible

Question asked by emtcho on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by emtcho

Dear all,


I am trying to show callout with button in Xamarin.Forms app (following the recommended pattern to not overload the popups/callouts)

On UWP it is working allright, having proper layout and behaving as expected. (UWP screenshot below)



UWP callout


On Android however the System.Environment.NewLine(s) are ignored completely.

Exact the same callout is rendered lenghtly (just two lines height) and the button is not visible. 

Android callout

I have tried different approaches to no avail.


The only way to have the button visible, is to reduce the text to 3 (three) letters!

(Removing the icon seams to have no influence)


Android callout only three letters - button is visible


Is there any way to influence the layout of the callout? Thus be able to put some more text (as on the UWP) and left the button visible on the callout


Many thanks in advance


Very best regards